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BBE: Ari Natter
« on: October 24, 2017, 07:59:04 AM »
In his latest idiotic critique of the current administration, Ari Natter writing for Bloomberg quote-mines the hell out of a release by the EPA.  His article concludes that the Trump administration (via the EPA) has raised the safe radiation dosage limit in drinking water.

The Nonsense
The EPA's Protective Action Guideline Q&A

From "The Nonsense":
"According to radiation safety experts, radiation exposures of 5-10 rem (5,000-10,000 mrem or 50-100 mSv) usually result in no harmful health effects, because radiation below these levels is a minor contributor to our overall cancer risk," EPA said in the document. That level is equivalent to as many as 5,000 chest X-rays or seven to 14 chest CT scans, according to a comparison with Food and Drug Administration data.

The next paragraphs from the EPA (question number 55 from the Protection Action Guidance):
Safety recommendations are designed to keep your dose as low as possible.
It takes a large dose of radiation—more than 75 rem (75,000 mrem or 750 mSv)—in a short amount of time (usually minutes to hours) to cause immediate health effects, such as acute radiation sickness.

The 750 mSv is actually a bit low as you have to apply a weighing factor to convert it to Gray.  Nonetheless we're talking about doses here, as in exposure that occurs within minutes.  Who thinks they could actually get 5000 chest X-rays in half an hour let alone one?  Ari apparently does.

In short Ari is criticizing the EPA/Trump Administration for things they did not say.  The report doesn't really say much I find interesting anyway.

Came across this by watching Thunderf00t

(Side note: He has a separate video on how Yellowcake can actually be safely handled without an NBC suit)

So for the last time you liberal morons STOP MAKING US DEFEND TRUMP!!!
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Re: BBE: Ari Natter
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2017, 11:13:33 PM »
This is, of course, par for the course with The Dumb Jerks.  Recall the incident where they couldn't tell the difference between soap suds and nuclear fallout.  (The crew of a US carrier was cleaning minuscule amounts of Fukushima fallout off their flight deck with soap and water, a recommended method of getting such dust off a surface and removing it without risking contaminating the people doing the cleaning.  They assumed the hysterical antinuclear nonsense they had found about the operation was correct and it was lots of dry, fluffy fallout rather than lots of obviously wet suds.)