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Episode 3: Lunar Lunacy / Shadows and photography.
« on: May 07, 2014, 10:59:25 AM »
I know that the Mythbusters soundly trounced this one using a tiny model however because they didn't do every one of their supposed examples they still say they can still make the claim. 

I have a friend, and used his excellent camera, who is a professional photographer and he sighs when he hears this stuff.  It is not hard to get the effects they claim can only be done in a studio with extra lighting with natural sunlight.  While I don't have examples to put up, I can assure you that in a shadow in bright sunlight you can get the effects such as the lit astronaut on the ladder or with the man on the moon image.  This is especially easy to do with a bright surface like white sand but that tends to be so bright that is sometimes requires lowering the shutter speed to the point that the shadow is so black that is almost doesn't allow you to even see the ground(especially if I frame the image to only show the subject an not the source of the shadow).  The surface of the moon is not as reflective as desert sand yet they claim that only explanation is fill lighting, however no matter what they claim you can't use a fill light without it's shadow appearing on film.  You can use more lights opposite each other to try and minimize the shadow but all that does in add more shadows to the situation.  You can not add extra lights without adding extra shadows there is no way to get around this.  It can not be avoided, and you can see this all over in movies in general.  Their claim just doesn't work!

Yet they want us to believe that NASA has a magic no shadow fill light in its closet! 

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