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General Discussion / Re: Fav quotes
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Great bit from The Skeptical Libertarian

Many of my professional musician/artist friends tend to lean left when it comes to economics. They will talk about how a business isn't a person and how money isn't speech etc. This all while enjoying the luxuries of a fairly unregulated enterprise where their creativity isn't stifled.

So for fun I thought about what it would be like if starting a band was like starting a small business:

1. First you have to find practice space. You better make sure the practice space is commercially zoned. This will greatly increase the value of the property thus inflating the rent to about 3-4 times more than what it costs to rent a non-commercial property of that size

2. Get a band license. These typically run about 60,000 dollars and are limited.

To get one, first you have to apply. Then you have to post in public your intention of purchasing a band license, allowing neighbors to anonymously object to said purchase. After that you have to go to a zoning hearing with your neighbors and state your case. This includes what type of band, when you will be playing and the type of music.

The zoning board and the community agree that heavy metal is not good for the neighborhood and that if you want a band it can only have three members and it has to be country.

3. Once your band license is approved and purchased, it's time for each member of the band to get certified in music safety. This costs $100 dollars a member and must be retaken every two years. Once you receive it, it must be displayed at by your band at all times.

4. Now your band is required by law to purchase various types of insurance. This costs thousands of dollars a year.

5. Once this is done, now you have to be approved by the band inspector.

He tells that you can only use Ernie Ball guitar strings and they have to be replaced every two months and that every band member must wear safety gloves when they play. You also have to buy these items from state sanctioned distributers and you cannot purchase over state lines.

6. You also learn that you may be liable for any damages done by individuals to either themselves or others, as a result of experiencing your music.

7. Every band member must be over 18 and be an American citizen or possess a work vista. All their information must also be submitted to the Department of Homeland Security. - b

General Discussion / Re: Fail Quotes
« on: March 02, 2014, 09:18:36 PM »

General Discussion / Re: Fail Quotes
« on: February 26, 2014, 01:14:58 PM »
So, why does one Jacksonville city councilman feel the need to outlaw the city's thriving food truck industry?

Brown said he wanted better clarification after seeing one business sell food out of a single axle trailer without a city license.


Testifying against marijuana legalization before the Maryland legislature today, Annapolis Police Chief Michael Pristoop warned of the potentially lethal consequences. "The first day of legalization, that's when Colorado experienced 37 deaths that day from overdose on marijuana," Pristoop told the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. "I remember the first day it was decriminalized there were 37 deaths."

As Sen. Jamie Raskin (D-Montgomery) quickly pointed out, what Pristoop actually remembered was a joke story at The Daily Currant...

Pristoop seemed taken aback that something he had seen in print might not be the literal truth. "If it was a misquote," he told Raskin, "then I'll stand behind the mistake. But I'm holding on to information I was provided."

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« on: February 24, 2014, 10:30:26 PM »

General Discussion / Florida town to be dissolved after corruption scandal
« on: February 21, 2014, 10:01:06 AM »

With its former mayor in jail on drug charges and after most other city employees who walked out after a state audit found missing money and possibly criminal mismanagement, the city of Hampton may not be around much longer.

To anyone who ever got a speeding ticket while passing through the two miles of U.S. 301 within the Hampton city limits, this is welcome news.

With only 477 residents, the city has brought in as much as $200,000 annually from traffic citations.

Just to give you an idea of how shameless the town is, here is the town border from Google Maps

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« on: February 19, 2014, 09:39:22 AM »

In 2014, 9/11 Truth is still going strong

9/11 has been one of the biggest events in recent history that sparked a mass awakening across the world. There has been much debate as to how it happened, who is responsible and why. To this day about 1/3 of americans do not believe the official story. In other areas of the world as much as 90% of the country does not believe the official story.

Here is a list of 24 facts that cannot be debunked about 9/11.

1) Nano Thermite was found in the dust at Ground Zero. Peer reviewed in the Bentham Open Chemical Physics Journal. ‘Niels Harrit’, ‘Thermite Bentham’, “The great thermate debate” Jon Cole, ‘Iron rich spheres’ Steven Jones, ‘Limited Metallurgical Examination (FEMA C-13, Appendix C-6)’. ‘Nano Tubes’

2) 1700+ Engineers and Architects support a real independent 9/11 investigation. Richard Gage, Founder. ‘Explosive Evidence’, ‘Blueprint for Truth’, ‘AE911′, ‘Toronto Hearings’, ‘Kevin Ryan’.

3) The total collapse of WTC 7 in 6.5 seconds at free fall acceleration (NIST admits 2.25 seconds). Larry Silverstein used the term “Pull it”. Steel framed high rise buildings have NEVER totally collapsed from fire or structural damage. Builidng 7 was not hit by a plane. ‘Building 7′, ‘WTC 7′.

4) Dick Cheney was in command of NORAD on 9/11 while running war games. ‘Stand down order’. “Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary?”. Norman Minetta testimony. “Gave order to shootdown Flight 93.”, ‘NORAD Drills’.

5) 6 out of the 10 Commissioners believe the 9/11 Commission report was “Setup to fail” Co-Chairs Hamilton and Kean, “It was a 30 year conspiracy”, “The whitehouse has played cover up”, ‘Max Cleland resigned’, ‘John Farmer’.

6) FBI confiscated 84/85 Videos from the Pentagon. ‘Moussaoui trial’ revealed these videos. Released Pentagon Security Camera (FOIA) does not show a 757 and is clearly Missing a frame. ‘Sheraton Hotel’, “Double tree’, ‘Citgo”.

7) Osama Bin Laden was NOT wanted by the FBI for the 9/11 attacks. “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.” CIA created, trained and funded “Al Qaeda/Taliban” during the Mujahideen. OBL was a CIA asset named ‘Tim Osman’. OBL Reported dead in Dec 2001 (FOX).

8)100′s of Firefighters and witness testimony to BOMBS/EXPLOSIONS ignored by the 9/11 Commission Report. 9/11 Commission Report bars 503 1st responder eyewitnesses. “Explosions in the lobby and sub levels”, ‘Firefighter explosions’, ‘Barry Jennings’, ‘William Rodriguez’.

9) 100′s of firefighters and witness testimony to MOLTEN METAL ignored by the Commission report. “Like you’re in a foundry”, “NIST’s John Gross denies the existence of Molten Metal”, ‘Swiss Cheese’, “As of 21 days after the attack, the fires were still burning and molten steel was still running.” Leslie Robertson’.

10) ’5 Dancing Israeli’s’ arrested in ‘Mossad Truck Bombs’ on 9/11 that stated “We were there to document the event.” ‘Urban Moving Systems’ front company, ‘Dominic Suter’. “$498,750 Business loan (June 2001)”. “Officer DeCarlo’, ‘Art Students’, ‘Israeli Spying’.

11) On September 10th, 2001. Rumsfeld reported $2.3 TRILLION missing from the Pentagon. ‘Dov Zakheim’ Pentagon Comptroller. Former VP of ‘Systems Planning Corporation’ (Flight Termination System). Signatore of PNAC document.

12) 220+ Senior Military, Intelligence Service, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials question the official story. ’9/11 Whistleblowers’, ‘Patriots for 9/11′. ‘Robert Bowman’, ‘Sibel Edmonds’, ‘Albert Stubblebine’, ‘Wesley Clark’, ‘Mark Dayton’, ‘Alan Sabrosky’, ‘Cyntha McKinney’, ‘Jesse Ventura’, ‘Kurt Sonnenfeld’. “”

13) Towers were built to withstand a Boeing jet(s). “I designed it for a 707 to hit it”, Leslie Robertson, WTC structural engineer. “Could probably sustain multiple impacts of jetliners”, “like a pencil puncturing screen netting” Frank De Martini, deceased Manager of WTC Construction & Project Management. “As far as a plane knocking a building over, that would not happen.” Charlie Thornton, Structural Engineer.

14) History of American False Flag attacks. ‘USS Liberty’, ‘Gulf of Tonkin’, ‘Operation Northwoods’, ‘OKC Bombing (Murrah Building)’, ’1993 WTC attacks’. ‘Patrick Clawson’. Project for the New American Century (PNAC) needed “a New Pearl Harbor”, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”. 9/11 Achieved those goals.

15) BBC correspondent Jane Standley reported the collapse of WTC 7 (Soloman Brothers building) 20 minutes before it happened. CNN/FOX/MSNBC also had early reports. ‘BBC wtc 7′, ‘Jane Standley’, Ashleigh Banfield’.

16) “Flight 93″ debris was spread out over many miles. Cheney admits to giving the order to shootdown 93. “shot down the plane over Pennsylvania” Rumsfeld, “nothing that you could distinguish that a plane had crashed there” ‘Chris Konicki. “Not a drop of blood” Coroner Wallace Miller. “there was no plane.” Mayor Ernie Stull.

17) Bush hesitated for 441 days before starting the 911 Commission. ‘Jersey Girls’. ‘Phil Zelikow’ already wrote the outline before the commission began. Steel shipped over seas. Obstruction of justice. JFK and Pearl Harbor commissions were started within 7 days.

18) The 911 commission was given extremely limited funds. $15 million was given to investigate 9/11. (Over $60 Million was spent investigating Clintons’ affairs with Monica).

19) Bush said he watched the first plane crash into the North tower on TV before entering the classroom. “The TV was obviously on.” Was informed about the second impact while reading ‘My Pet Goat’ to the children. Remained for at least 8 more minutes while America was under “attack”.

20) The PATRIOT ACT was written before 9/11. Signed into law October 26th, 2001.

21) Marvin Bush was director of Stratasec (Securacom, ‘KuAm’) which was in charge of security of the WTC, United Airlines and Dulles International Airport. All three were breached on 9/11. ICTS was another company that provided security at the airports. ‘Wirt Walker’, ‘Ezra Harel’, ‘ICTS”, ‘WTC power downs’.

22) “Who killed John O’Neil?”. Former FBI task force agent investigating Al Qaeda/Bin Laden. Transferred by Kroll Corporation to head the security just before 9/11. John O’Neil died in the Towers. ‘Jerome Hauer’ ‘Jules Kroll’.

23) Insider trading based upon foreknowledge. ‘Put Options.’ Never identified insiders made millions. ‘United and American Airlines’ ‘Raytheon.’

24) At least 7 of the 19 listed highjackers are still alive (BBC). No video footage of 19 highjackers or passengers boarding the 4 planes. Pilots of the 4 planes never squawked the highjacking code. ‘Alive highjackers’, ‘ACARS’, ‘Pilots for 9/11 Truth’.

General Discussion / Re: Fav quotes
« on: February 16, 2014, 08:34:10 PM »

General Discussion / Re: Fail Quotes
« on: February 07, 2014, 11:28:02 AM »
Libertarian candidate makes a joke about CVS still selling candy/beer/etc after stopping to sell cigarettes and /r/Libertarian on reddit explodes in fail

General Discussion / Re: Which Foreign Language class did you take?
« on: February 07, 2014, 09:32:36 AM »
I took Latin my freshman year but during the summer the Latin teacher died. So the school just put us into Spanish.

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I thought that photo looked familiar

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