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1:35:40 is a good starting point

He's supposed to be an enemy of the one percent. He demands us to pay taxes on what we earn. While he uses his public office to fund building a $600,000 beach house. According to him, you don't need a third home, but I guess leftist principles don't apply to them

This video is full of fail


"'It started innocently when someone forgot to follow the law.'"
This is a quote from the Washington post article by Marc Edwards, an environmental protection professor at Virginia Tech.

If this was a private individual who basically POISONED 100,000 PEOPLE, then his head would be on a stick. I know, we bring this case up a lot, but remember Kelly Thomas, who was BEAT TO DEATH because he didn't comply with police, even though he wasn't charged with a crime, he was confused by the police's directions, he hadn't attacked the police in the first place, and he was had a mental disorder! So we have a huge case of a serf who got effectively punished with the death penalty for NOT EVEN COMMITTING A CRIME, and this jackass has the balls to not be indignant about a HUGE government scandal!


He basically repeats the Michael Lind from Saloon's line of say that Libertarianism is stupid because it's never been tried before.
He also tries refute what we say about labor unions by simply quoting Thomas Dilorenzo and Ludwig von Mises's objections. He says that we would just remain silent if child labor began to be be legal and practiced again (I think that might be a problem with he poverty in a country, say for example Haiti, not necessarily the "greed" of the businessman. Hmm? Maybe that MIGHT have something to do with it; if that wasn't true, how would child labor rates ever DECREASE or almost EVAPORATE.)
Don't know exactly when it was written, but it appeared in my google news feed as new, so it probably is.
Quote:  it's the philosophy of a snotty teen, someone who's read too much Heinlein, absorbed the sordid notion that an intellectual elite should rule the subhuman masses, and convinced himself that reading a few bad novels qualifies him as a member of the elite.
Make of that what u will, but I think not only is this ad hominem, it's a perfect way of dismissing an argument that differs in ideology than the one who's writing.


Basically calling him an arrogant bastard. I admit he's repetitive, but basically it's an example of progressives attacking issues from the wrong angle. They say it's sad that he's gained prominence among libertarians, but we don't really depend on him for a lot of information, at least I don't. I watch him in my spare time. They bash him as a climate change denier, but he has only said he doesn't appreciate the hype about it, he doesn't deny that it might be a problem. Also, he said in last weeks episode we need to wait and research before we commit. Anyway, it's just shitty overall- you might as well submit for idiot of the year

General Discussion / Environment
« on: December 13, 2015, 10:36:44 PM »
I think that the EPA is not only a redundant organization, but it also participates in TONS of pollution in dealing with waste. This is because the most cost effective ways for companies to pollute is on public property, and there's not usually any punishment or restitution for pollution, because pollution isn't considered a violation of rights. With a system of private property, pollution, whether in air or water, then polluting would be less profitable than the costs that would be paid in a common law court. The EPA could be privatized, and it could work like Underwriters Laboratories to help companies know what to do with chemicals or pollutants in the most cost effective way


I'd really like to see this money from schilling for the one percent. There were other crazy salon articles but this was most crazy
 ??? :-X :-X

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