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Dan Reed has made a new documentary called "Leaving Neverland" with the help of 2 of Michael Jackson's alleged "victims" chock full of inconsistencies and inaccuracies.
Razorfist the Rageaholic did some actual research pointing why the child sex abuse accusations levied against Michael Jackson were nothing else but a hot steaming pile of garbage:

The other 2 nominees:
-Wade Robson testified under oath during the 2005 trial that Michael Jackson did not molest him.  So was he lying then (perjury) or is he lying now (defamation)?
-James Safechuck did not refuse to testify during the 2005 trial.  He simply was not a factor during the 2005 trial.

This to me looks like the last thrashing death throes of #MeToo witch hunt.

Props to PSA Stitch for making this supercut:

I didn't think I could neatly fit this in either "Fav" or "Fail" (because PSA deserves props while the Black Israelites deserve mockery).  By extension we can mock leftists for their objectively absurd standards of what constitutes bigotry.

Seriously, just look up this hashtag on Twitter and play this video:

General Discussion / Nonsense from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
« on: October 24, 2018, 03:32:17 AM »
I was thinking about nominating this video for Idiot Extraordinaire (like I've done a lot), but it seemed like such low hanging fruit that it could've easily been trumped (no pun intended) by something else.  Instead why not start a thread focused on every dumb thing said by "Democratic Socialist" Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as she is a special kind of stupid.  What better than her likening combatting global warming, to that of the Nazis.

I think we should call this woman "La Socialista"

First the garbage (as you would expect from the flaming dumpster that is Jimmy Kimmel Live) from Lynzy Lab:

Then the excellent turd-"polishing and gold-plating" from average sane people like Kylee Zempel:

Sure it's a pro-conservative message, but all worthy rhetorical swipes at SJWs deserve praise.

Colin Kaepernick's new slogan:

Well Mr. Kaepernick you can enjoy your pointless idiot sacrifice.


Pop quiz time: What do you do when get caught plagiarizing a YouTube channel's review of a certain game?
Do you?
a) Accept fading into temporary obscurity to reconsider your career options
b) Make a sincere apology video as part of a genuine effort to regain good graces with the general public
c) Make an insincere non-apology video while challenging others to find more evidence of your plagiarism

Well if you picked "c", then congratulations moron you just earned a nomination for Idiot Extraordinaire!

This travesty started out when someone noticed Filip Miucin, now ex-IGN editor because of this, plagiarized Boomstick Channel's review of a new game called Dead Cells:

As of writing this I can't do side-by-sides as a lot of Filip's videos have been removed (props to IGN btw, as no one really should be hosting plagiarism).

Filip's non-apology:

From the video:
You can keep looking Kotaku, and please let me know if you find anything.

...and keep on looking Kotaku and others did!!!

A review of Fire Emblem Warriors:

Metroid - Samus Returns (here I can do side-by-side as Filip has this review on his own channel):

Original Review by Engadget

Filip's "original" review:

He even plagiarized his own resume!

Jim Sterling does not know how to defend free speech

Jim's point boils down to this: if Steam does not moderate it's storefront (too the extent at which it can be called censorship) then regulations will follow.  This simply proves the point of many critics of the far left.  They are not content with the free market or the free marketplace of ideas.  That they geniunely believe it is the corporations', if not the government's, duty to police everyone's thoughts and opinions.  That they should de-platform anyone that does not adhere to their regressive orthodoxy.

Most video game critics on YouTube understand that content distributors should not take crap for content they host.  Credit for the content and quality of video games falls squarely on the developers.

Rags goes into much more detail as to why this problematic (to which Jim Sterling failed to refute):

To reiterate a point by Rags, no one gives crap to Wal-Mart or Barnes & Noble for selling copies of Mein Kampf or the Qu'Ran.  Everyone (at least those who haven't drunken the Kool-Aid for the far left or other identitarian sects) perfectly understands how awful Nazism and Wahabbism (not to throw shade at all Muslims) is.  In fact most are appreciative of content stores and libraries for selling or renting copies of books that promote such horrible ideologies.

Let's give thanks to this fine establishment in Michigan for demonstrating yet again that socialism ... doesn't ... work.
This is NOT an onion article.

Failures include:
its unpredictable opening hours, slow service and 40-minute waits for a sandwich, strained customer patience.

Can you say breadlines?

Once again Judges are just politicians in robes who are willing to say "to Hell with due process":

Man has to register as a sex offender based on charges he was acquitted of

Yes, we live in a crazy Kafkaesque world where people can be punished for crimes they were acquitted of!  Thank you for the shit sandwich #MeToo movement!

In his latest idiotic critique of the current administration, Ari Natter writing for Bloomberg quote-mines the hell out of a release by the EPA.  His article concludes that the Trump administration (via the EPA) has raised the safe radiation dosage limit in drinking water.

The Nonsense
The EPA's Protective Action Guideline Q&A

From "The Nonsense":
"According to radiation safety experts, radiation exposures of 5-10 rem (5,000-10,000 mrem or 50-100 mSv) usually result in no harmful health effects, because radiation below these levels is a minor contributor to our overall cancer risk," EPA said in the document. That level is equivalent to as many as 5,000 chest X-rays or seven to 14 chest CT scans, according to a comparison with Food and Drug Administration data.

The next paragraphs from the EPA (question number 55 from the Protection Action Guidance):
Safety recommendations are designed to keep your dose as low as possible.
It takes a large dose of radiation—more than 75 rem (75,000 mrem or 750 mSv)—in a short amount of time (usually minutes to hours) to cause immediate health effects, such as acute radiation sickness.

The 750 mSv is actually a bit low as you have to apply a weighing factor to convert it to Gray.  Nonetheless we're talking about doses here, as in exposure that occurs within minutes.  Who thinks they could actually get 5000 chest X-rays in half an hour let alone one?  Ari apparently does.

In short Ari is criticizing the EPA/Trump Administration for things they did not say.  The report doesn't really say much I find interesting anyway.

Came across this by watching Thunderf00t

(Side note: He has a separate video on how Yellowcake can actually be safely handled without an NBC suit)

So for the last time you liberal morons STOP MAKING US DEFEND TRUMP!!!

There are times when judges are just politicians in robes, and then there are times when they don't even know how the law works.

This guy would make an EXCELLENT constitutional scholar to rival that of Barack Obama.

How Bernie Sanders Could Replace President Trump With Little-Known Loophole (sic)

Seriously, read the article very carefully

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

General Discussion / Is the Electoral College bullshit?
« on: November 11, 2016, 03:26:48 PM »
Trump has managed to win the Presidency by the electoral vote while losing the popular vote by a quarter million.

Proponents say it is a way of mitigating the dangers of mob rule.

Detractors say that it encourages candidates to campaign in a handful of states (referred to as "swing states" or "battleground states") and that these seldom change over time.

Thing is though it's hard to find any other democratic nation on the planet leaves it to simple majorities to decide who becomes the next head of state.  The Commonwealth nations vote for the party and the winning majority party chooses the Prime Minister (although they can actually be chosen by the crown, but the crown as a matter of respect and custom delegates this authority). Germany's Chancellor (Frau Bundeskanzlerin) is chosen by the Bundestag ("Lower House") who shares power with the German President (Bundespraisident, who is elected by Bundestag "Upper House").  Plenty of other examples I could list.

The Forbidden Zone / Re: Podcast for 31 October 2016
« on: November 02, 2016, 01:27:57 AM »
In fact, metallic lithium (which the safety features in lithium batteries are designed to specifically prevent the formation of, as uncontrolled growth of metal insice a battery cell is a sure way to short it out over time) is far more combustible than ethanol is, as it spontaneously combusts on contact with such common substances as water or air.  We use high-purity methanol for a variety of purposes at the present time, mostly in industrial chemistry, but also as a vehicle fuel.  The risks are quite manageable.  In practice, it wouldn't be much more flammable than isopropyl alcohol, and I've got a perfectly safe bottle of that at 50% strength on the table beside my computer.  It's pretty much the ideal solvent for cleaning LCD displays.  I've bought it in purity up to 91%, and the main risk from that was inhaling to much of the fumes from it.  And the only reason we're talking about methanol instead of ethanol for this purpose is how nuts governments are about ethanol.

Of course it's flammable, it's an alkali metal.  The reactivity with water and atmosphere is a property common to all alkali metals.

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