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General Discussion / i'm upset.
« on: June 02, 2010, 10:33:34 PM »
Is there an afterlife?  if we just die and that's the end of it, then i am forced to believe that time was created when i was born also.
Also, no afterlife is really depressing (to me), because the thought of nonexistence, that thing where all your beliefs, all your likes and dislikes, everything about you doesn't matter anymore, makes me want to die.

i'm pretty sure there are things we don't know about the universe, but considering how we got here by blind chance, i doubt it.

Not that NASA is doing this, but I think the best thing at this point is to not worry about the moon or Mars or wherever and focus on LEO. I absolutely disagree with Neil deGrasse Tyson that we've conquered LEO; not until we have an orbiting hotel and casino. Let the Richard Bransons set up trips to LEO that rich idiots can afford, and let's see the Rio All-Suites Hotel in Vegas have an orbiting casino with Penn and Teller doing the first zero-gee magic act.

What will that do? It will make an actual economic infrastructure in orbit. Then, spacecraft that can take us to the moon, or Mars, or wherever can be constructed in orbit and launched at a fraction of the cost.

Congratulations, you just pushed the mars landing into the 22nd century
but, i agree.

we should be dumping more money into non-rocket launch research.

Personally, i don't like it.  I want to see people on the moon (and mars) in my lifetime.  why does NASA cancel every attempt to move beyond LEO?

If it wasn't for Nixon, we would have a mars base by now

General Discussion / Re: What will happen to the economy?
« on: May 03, 2010, 12:48:58 PM »
Back on topic, please

General Discussion / What will happen to the economy?
« on: May 02, 2010, 06:03:16 AM »
What will happen to the economy if people keep doing what they are doing (which, according to you, is exactly the opposite to what they should be doing)?

my problem is i would hate to live through a second great depression.

and how does that end?  world war 3?

or the collapse of the US?

I may be talking out of my a** about this, because i don't know much about the economy other than your videos, but it feels to me that it's THAT BAD.

Future Episodes / Sleep paralysis and ghosts/alien encounters
« on: April 26, 2010, 11:06:14 AM »
I have been looking on you tube for sleep paralysis videos (i lucid dream), and i have seen that a lot of people say that these events are caused by aliens/ghosts, even when the evidence clearly supports SP.  I've seen one video that it looks like the writer seems that he was cherry-picking, only picking reports that matched the original report close enough.

here's the video in question.

it might be a good idea to make a bogosity video about this, before everyone is sucked in.

Sorry if i sound rude, it's obviously my first time on here, and i don't really know how things work in here.
i didn't mean to sound rude if i did.

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