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Title: Bogosity Podcast for 10 February 2019
Post by: MrBogosity on February 10, 2019, 06:01:07 PM

Co-Host: Travis Retriever

News of the Bogus:
18:47 - Biggest Bogon Emitter: De Wolfe Music and AdRev Publishing

23:17 - Idiot Extraordinaire: QuadrigaCX
Shamir's Secret Sharing Online

This Week's Quote: "Bernie Madoff was regulated up and down and every which way, and it didn't do any good - he ran away with everyone's money." ?Roger Ver

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Title: Re: Bogosity Podcast for 10 February 2019
Post by: evensgrey on February 23, 2019, 06:22:44 AM
When the QuadrigaCX thing came out (which I heard about almost exclusively on CBC, incidentally), the takeaway I got from it was that if you want to hold crypto as an investment, you need to do so in devices you physically and digitally control.  And there's multiple good devices, although not all work with all coins.

On Madoff, not only was he under regulation that he appeared to comply with, but when Harry Markopolos concluded that Madoff's numbers were impossible and likely actually fraudulent, he was so personally disliked by regulators that his warnings were ignored.  His warnings started coming NINE YEARS before Madoff was finally busted (when his OWN CHILDREN reported that he had confessed the fraud to them).  (Incidentally, thre's a wonderful scene in either the novel "Armageddon?" or "Pantheocide" where a succubus named Lagda has Bernie on her talk show [yes, this makes perfect sense in context] and he suggests she wouldn't have behaved substantially differently than he did.  She agrees wholeheartedly, then points out:  "I'm a demon from Hell, the epitome of evil!  What's your excuse?")  I have long wanted to know just how long Madoff weas able to keep his Ponzi Scheme going, since it must have been fully fraudulent by at least 1998 for the numbers to not work at all by 1999

As for the Bible and mistranslations...Sometimes, the translators didn't understand at least one of the languages that well.  Sometimes, the concepts in one language didn't really have equivalents in the other.  And, sometimes (read: "almost always") the translators had an agenda and needed to 'adjust' the text to support it.  Thus, we end up with supposedly single narratives that repeat variants of scenes that obviously ahouldn't occur in the same story, like Noah's storage crate (about as good a translation of 'ark' as you're going to get, this is exactly the same word use in the phrase translated as "Ark of the Covenant") being loaded with a pair of each animal in one place, and with seven pairs in another place.