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Title: Late but amusing info on the ongoing debacle of Cindy Prior
Post by: evensgrey on January 08, 2019, 06:46:38 PM
I found an absolute goldmine of articles about her on the Australian Morning Mail.

First, there's this one about a really unfun investigation she's a possible target of: (

There are accusations that her attorneys had access to non-public information that they shouldn't have, and the possibility that she or someone connected to her improperly accessed the student's records was the subject of an investigation.  That's a very bad thing for a former administrator to be on the sharp end of.

And yes, Cindy Prior did end uop the recipient of bankruptcy actions: (

Seems she hasn't paid the court-ordered compensation for the legal expenses of the students she targeted.

The trouble arising from this idiocy has spread: (

The head of the commission that was handling the matter before it became a court case has been caught out deliberately misleading the public about what happened during her commission's investigation, so she's up for a libel suit by the students for claiming that the posts on Facebook were racially discriminatory.

An MP has gotten herself on the wrong end of a defamation suit as well: (

Seems she couldn't not make the patently false claim that one of the accused students used a racial slur on a Facebook posting that was already proven to not be his.

This just never seems to stop providing one funny outcome after another, doesn't it?