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What to Expect When You Are 12 Weeks Pregnant_1961
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Most first time mums get really apprehensive and uncertain about what to expect during pregnancy. Teenage girls who find themselves saddled with an unwanted pregnancy are especially perplexed and have no clue about what to expect in their long journey to motherhood. Anxiety is not limited to teenage pregnancy alone.
Even young adults going through it for the first time face some form of anxiety. The adults will have some information about it gleaned from friends,wholesale shoes, talk shows and the internet. However,air max 90, some of that information may not be factual and there is a need to learn all about what really happens on the last week of the first trimester.
A number of exciting events take place during the last week of the first trimester. At this time, the foetus begins to take the form of a human being, as we know it. The facial characteristics are discernible. The eyes, previously positioned on the sides,ed hardy clothing, move to the front of the face. The ears,cheap coach handbags, fingernails and the toenails also develop at this time. The baby's sex organs also take shape,cheap louis vuitton bags, enabling one to know whether the baby is a boy or a girl.
At the end of the first trimester, the foetus weighs approximately half an ounce and measures about 2.4 inches in length. The baby is able to make slight movements such as turning or squirming though the mother may not be able to discern this at the time. The nervous system also begins to function. Other organs such as the intestines begin to form and the kidneys are now able to drain urine into the bladder.
The soon to be mother also experiences a number of changes in her body. The uterus begins to expand and increase in weight on a weekly basis. The uterus rises above her waistline and begins to balloon noticeably. It is at this time that the pregnancy starts to become evident to others. Many women experience mood swings at this time. Morning sickness and nausea is also common among many. Others also experience heartburn when they are 12 weeks pregnant. Physicians administer antacids to counter the effects of heartburn.
At this time, your ballooning abdomen begins to have an effect on the clothes you wear. You will not be able to wear your sexy tops and tight fitting jeans for some time. You need a new wardrobe. It is advisable to buy loose fitting outfits that will be able to accommodate your expanding body. You also need to buy a pair or two of comfortable shoes to ease your movements and to avoid straining your back. Such shoes will also come in handy for those who may develop swelling feet later on in their pregnancy.
When one is 12 weeks pregnant, nutrition and exercise are of paramount importance to the development of a healthy baby. Your diet should include foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. This will give your baby a head start in life. You will also need to undertake light exercises to strengthen your body and improve blood circulation in your body and to the growing baby in your womb.