Author Topic: A proposition mixed in with a general question about web browsers  (Read 966 times)


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I was wondering if there could be a separate section in the general forum discussion section that primarily focused on matters of computers/technology, as that seems to be my fixation this summer and I may end up making more topics about it. The fact that Shane and my Uncle are the only two people I know really well versed not only in computers, but in the development of computers over the past few decades, plus the fact that Shane's one of the few people I know in that field with whom I correspond on a regular basis, makes this one of my most reliable sources for answering my questions. I feel a bit like I'm clogging up the forum with excess topics and such. I'd rather not wear out my welcome with some of the most respectable/intelligent individuals I've met thus far.

Perhaps I should consider getting a livejournal or something similar for voicing my thoughts, but every time I've tried that it's either become a vortex of drama or forgotten within the first week.

Anyway, on to my specific interest: Internet browsers.

Thus far, I'm familiar with the following browsers:

-Internet Explorer (Microsoft's browser)
-Safari (Apple's browser, which also happens to be about as reliable as IE in my experience)
-Mozilla Firefox (a merge between the older Mozilla and Firefox browsers, and my current browser)
-Opera (Never had much experience with it, although I did have it installed on my old laptop when I was experimenting with the Tor network)
-Google Chrome (far as I can tell, new kid on the block).

As of right now, I'm sticking with Mozilla Firefox, in spite of the fact that it tends to drain my computers memory a bit more than other programs tend to (as one person called it, a 'bloated pile of shit'). I would experiment with some of the other browsers right now, but MF seems to be the only browser compatible with NoScript, a javascript blocker that's probably saved my computer from malware more times than I'd like to count, since it gives one a rather simple and straightforward way to manage what scripts to run or block on a given page. Google Chrome has a way to block and permit javascripts, but it seems to either blanket block or blanket allow javascript for each page. It also doesn't have the NoScript interface that separates and allows for control over individual scripts. Until NoScript or something similar is made for Google Chrome, I'm probably not going to switch to it just yet.

So... Thoughts? What web browser do you use?


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Re: A proposition mixed in with a general question about web browsers
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2010, 01:15:44 PM »
Firefox. It's really the best of the bunch. I agree about the memory issue, though. It'd be nice to find a fix or workaround for that. Although, oddly enough, it doesn't seem to do it as badly on Linux.