Author Topic: California Breakup News and Goings-Ons  (Read 1746 times)


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California Breakup News and Goings-Ons
« on: January 15, 2018, 11:23:12 PM »
So you probably recall back in 2014 there was an initiative to break up California into six states. Personally, I was a little disappointed when it seemingly vanished. But Timothy Draper and other Cali breakup proponents haven't given up yet; back in late October, they cleared the first hurdle for the new/revamped initiative to divide up California into three states:

Article: 3 Californias? Billionaire’s Plan to Split California into 3 Separate States Clears First Hurdle

And in more recent news, today supporters for the State of New California have declared their independence from the rest of the state:

Article: New California Declares Independence From Rest Of State

Now, I'm generally too detached/lazy to figure out how the likelihood any of the proposals will succeed, but I still find it fascinating to hear about, and, as a non-Californian, I'd really like to see this make it to the ballot, if nothing else.

Not really sure if that warrants a new topic, but I couldn't think of any other way to begin this discussion.
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