Author Topic: Biggest Bogon Emitter - Fuelshark  (Read 913 times)

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Biggest Bogon Emitter - Fuelshark
« on: February 24, 2014, 12:01:15 PM »

I am the manager for the owners and makers of the Fuelshark. Jason Torchinsky was initially contacted by our Public Relations firm last November and they sent him a sample of our product along with testing procedures. After receiving the sample, Jason e-mailed our Public Relations firm asking certain technical questions on Friday December 6, and we initially responded to him right away stating that there were time zone differences with our technical people in China and we would respond as quickly as possible which would be the first part of the following week as everyone was gone over the weekend. On Tuesday December 10, we were prepared to respond to his e-mail regarding the farads issue he had questioned us about. As we were getting it ready to send to him, I received a tweet showing that Jason had just published an article on about the Fuelshark even though he had not yet received our response to his technical questions. The headline reads "The Fuelshark won't save you gas because it runs on Bullshit".

I have attached the document that we were prepared to send Jason on Dec. 10. As you will see, the capacitor's farads have nothing to do with how our product functions which is the basis of Jason's article, so the article is not correctly stating how our product works. Now that we have had a chance to read the article, I would also like to add that the Fuelshark is designed to work on vehicles that are more modern as they are equipped with more electronic components, and fuel injectors. The 1973 VW Beetle he used our product on is too old as its electrical system is very basic unlike newer cars. In addition, it does not use fuel injectors.

We request that the article be removed from your website(s) and internet search engines as it incorrectly states how our product works and is damaging to our brand. We also noticed that some other websites are running this article. Are these also your websites?

Lastly, since this article was tweeted by either Jason or Jalopnik, it would be appropriate for Jason or Jalopnik to send a tweet regarding the removal of this article because it incorrectly states how our product works along with "our apology to @fuelshark".

These guys are seriously pissed that someone blatantly said they sell bullshit.

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Re: Biggest Bogon Emitter - Fuelshark
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2014, 03:36:02 PM »
Hey Fuelshark I got your apology right here:

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Re: Biggest Bogon Emitter - Fuelshark
« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2014, 04:51:09 PM »
I don't even have to look up Fuelshark to guess what it is: it's some tripolar magnets or compass-aligned hoozeywhatsits that you clip onto the fuel line or the spark plug line or some other part of your car (and make another couple of modifications) which is supposed to give you this really great gas mileage, right?

If you just make the adjustments, without any gadgets or gizmos attached, you'll get the mileage...but you'll also ruin your engine. There's a reason why they don't make those mods at the factory.