Author Topic: Technical Question Regarding the Upcoming DVD for Episodes 1 Through 6:  (Read 5352 times)

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What software will I need to play it?
My computer can't play .iso files on its own.
For example, I tried downloading VLC media player to play your "How Evolution is Scientific Series" DVD after downloading it as you instructed via bittorrent.  However, after using the player, for some reason it wouldn't show show video and/or graphics after I changed my screen's resolution while playing the DVD to make the video fit my entire screen w/o quality loss.
I tried putting the screen resolution back to what it was before, and that didn't work.
I tried reinstalling the software, but that didn't work.
After (stupidly) getting rid of the DVD file, figuring something was wrong with it and I'd have to redownload it, I tried using the media player on other video files I had:  They had the same problem.
So that player doesn't work.

So what kind of player (freeware) would the people here recommend?
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Any standard DVD player should work. VLC works fine for me; it can take an ISO file and play it like a regular DVD. Otherwise, you can get Daemon Tools and mount it in a virtual drive.