Author Topic: 1001 things not to think about when under the influence of the law of attraction  (Read 196144 times)


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You mean the Oingo Boingo song? I think you're misinterpreting that. Understand that songwriters often write from the "bad guy's" perspective. Danny Elfman wrote it in frustration at seeing middle-age B-level movie producers riding around in limousines taking advantage of college-age girls who wanted a break in the movies.

The song is from the point of view of someone who is completely inept at relationships and has no emotional maturity whatsoever. "They don't ask me questions / They don't want to scold me / They don't look for answers / They just want to hold me" That's NOT a recipe for a healthy and lasting relationship, nor is it a sign of a mature and intelligent person. THAT is the message of the song.