Author Topic: Podcast for 9 July 2017  (Read 406 times)


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Podcast for 9 July 2017
« on: July 09, 2017, 06:00:01 PM »

News of the Bogus:
12:10 - Biggest Bogon Emitter: CNN
17:45 - Idiot Extraordinaire: Nate Schenkkan, John Schindler, and Eric Garland

This Week's Quote: “Cryptography is the ultimate form of non-violent direct action.” —Julian Assange

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Re: Podcast for 9 July 2017
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2017, 03:03:52 PM »
The Canadian Supreme Court making bad rulings is nothing new.

A few years ago, Bell Canada ran a case all the way to the Supreme Court, being ruled against by every court on the way, until they got the Supreme Court to rule that the Criminal Code provision that made it illegal to decode encrypted satellite transmissions without the permission of the transmitting entity (and thus provides the legal teeth for enforcement of satellite TV subscriptions) actually meant that it was illegal to decode such transmissions without the permission of the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC), the regulatory body that, among other things, licenses such services for use in Canada, effectively criminalizing the gray market for foreign (mostly US, but also services like Al Jazera) satellite TV services.  Despite the relevant section being in no way whatsoever unclear.

Much worse was the ruling that initially set up same-sex marriage in Canada.  This was in Alberta, which, like all Provinces at the time, didn't allow it.  The Court ruled that the law had to be read as extending to include same-sex marriages, despite the fact that the legislation that enables the Court explicitly prohibits the Court from extending the reading of laws in this manner.  (Canada's Constitution is actually a hell of a mess, and there's a whole lot of stuff that might or might not be included in it.

Given that the guy behind the crappy writing of our Constitution is the father of the idiot who is currently Prime Minister, we're not doing all that well up here right now.  You might think Donald Trump is sloppy and stupid, but he's brilliant and precise compared to Justin Trudeau.  (He is, however, precisely what I expected him to be:  Stupid, vain, arrogant, violent...)