Author Topic: Podcast for 21 May 2017  (Read 511 times)


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Podcast for 21 May 2017
« on: May 21, 2017, 05:59:59 PM »

Co-Host: Chris Hangartner

News of the Bogus:
20:55 - Biggest Bogon Emitter: NPR

24:50 - Idiot Extraordinaire: Ben Taronff (nominated by BlameThe1st)
This Week's Quote: "The enormous amount of financial resources and creative energy that nations have spent on wars and weapons could have been redirected to curing deadly diseases, feeding the hungry, eliminating poverty, promoting art and culture, investing in renewable clean energy, and solving a host of other important challenges facing humanity." —Newton Lee

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Re: Podcast for 21 May 2017
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2017, 04:04:35 PM »
I think Fran Blanche has a kit out now to replicate the Sputnik beeper.  (It's just a pair of multivibrators, one makes the tone and the other one turns the first one on and off.)  Apparently, there WAS intended to be a very sophisticated and well instrumented satellite instead of the beeper in a shiny metal ball that Sputnik I was, but it wasn't ready in time to beat the US, which was what the Party was interested in.  (The Soviet space program was mostly a bunch of stunts, some of which, like Yuri Gagarin's spacewalk, were actually really, REALLY dangerous.  How they expected to get their moonship in and out of Lunar orbit I really cannot imagine, since there's no possibility they could have built an onboard computer powerful enough to manage the maneuvers, and people aren't precise enough for controlling that kind of maneuver.)