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General Discussion / Well, this seems to be a new wrinkle
« on: August 21, 2018, 12:52:39 PM »
Something amusing turned up in my spam folder today:

How are you today.
The below payment has been awarded to you by the Nigeria
Government/World Bank to compensate you on the past experience had with
Nigeria scammers.
I write to inform you that we have already sent you 5,000.00
Western Union as we have been given the mandate to transfer your
compensation payment total sum of Five Hundred Thousand Euros
(EUR) 500,000.00 via Western Union by the Government.
I have on a good authority email you the MTCN and senders
details to enable you pick up the first 5,000.00,EUR and confirm receipt
so as to enable us wire the next EUR5,000.00 by tomorrow and subsequent
ones since we can only send EUR5,000.00 a day.

Please pick up this information and get to any western union in
country to pick up the 5,000.00 EUR and email the Western Union
outlets in charge of the payment so that they could send you another

I don't think I've seen this applied to the old Nigerian Letter Scam before.

There's more to the email, but what I'm not seeing is how they get money from me.  (The idea of using Western Union is amusing, to.  This would take over three months to complete if they were going to actually do it, and cost around $5000 to do.  To move money outside the Telex system.)

General Discussion / Hollywod studios are another step closer to the end
« on: August 15, 2018, 02:23:39 PM »
Now there's these bits of kit:

With free software (or $299 software allowing easy collaboration) and a starting pricepoint of about a thousand dollars for the simplest control panel, which looks like it should be quite adequate for HDTV-level projects.  Maybe not up to easy handling of full movie-quality work, but if you're getting the proper hardware kit for editing such movies, a $30k control panel is not likely to be seen as being outside the reasonable.

General Discussion / What kind of dumbass placement is this, YouTube?
« on: August 05, 2018, 06:04:41 PM »
OK, so I'm watching this video on trivia from Big Trouble in Little China,

and suddenly this ad switches in...

...that's 5 minutes longer than the video it was inserted into.  Why would anyone mistake that for something anyone is going to watch?

This is a film made in 1969 by Oak Ridge National Laboratory about the Molten Salt Reactor Experiment, one of the first experimental reactors for testing components of a full thorium reactor fuel cycle.


Well, that's really something, isn't it?

Louis Rossmann has a video where he and an auto mechanic friend of his comment on this situation

and his friend explains that removing the broken screws is actually a fairly straightforward (although somewhat tedious and exacting) task with the right tools and techniques, which Apple Stores clearly don't have, given what they did to the mount.

General Discussion / Sargon needs some help
« on: May 04, 2018, 04:54:35 PM »
Sargon miscalculated a bit financially with all his recent travels (apparently his travel was paid for by someone else, but not all the sundries that go along with travel) and he's not got the money to continue defending the law suit.  Here's his gofundme for it:

He's doing extremely well on this, he asked for 40,000 and has well over 50,000 in 9 hours as of this writing, so he should be fine for now, but some extra cushion in these things is never a bad thing.

General Discussion / WTF
« on: April 21, 2018, 06:30:31 PM »
OK, I'm quite drunk and only half-way through this, but WTF AM I LISTENING TO?

OK, here's the transcript from his 20/20 interview:

And I think he just managed to talk himself into a stay in Federal prison.  How?  He's claiming there's evidence, that he knew about while still FBI director, that Trump attempted to obstruct justice.  The reason this is a problem for COMEY (much more so than Trump, because nobody seems to really think what Trump did was obstruction except partisans like Comey) is that if he actually thinks he witnessed President Trump attempt to obstruct justice while he was FBI Director, and didn't report it to the Justice Department (which we already know he didn't) then he violated 18 U.S. Code 4 - Misprision of felony.  (There's a fun one for you, knowing about the commission of a felony and not reporting it to appropriate authorities with all possible speed is, in itself, a felony under the usual definition of 'felony' used in US Federal law.)

(I also find it rather amusing there's a mention of his wife telling him to not be 'the torture guy,' probably in early 2004, when he later endorsed color of law cover for torture in 2005.)

(Incidentally, I think I found a provision the covers Hillary's private email server, 18 U.S. Code 1924 - Unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material at

It specifies an offense involving unauthorized removal of classified documents or materials to store them in an unauthorized place.  Since Hillary definitely lacked authority to remove the classification from materials classified by any Department other than State, and she intentionally stored them in her unauthorized private email server, it sure looks like she violated that one hundreds of times.)

This school has decided that, to prevent injuries from being hit with (possibly contaminated with grit or rocks) snowballs, children are not allowed to touch THE SNOW.

If they've managed to write this as incompetently as most school administrators write rules, they've managed to ban children from being outdoors on the school site while it is snowing and from being on any surface from which snow has not been removed.

As the article notes, MOST schools would just ban throwing snowballs.

I do hope some children exploit this to say they are banned, BY THE SCHOOL, from actually going to the school if it is snowing.

General Discussion / An unusually smart economist
« on: February 04, 2018, 10:08:38 AM »
I just ran across this this morning, although it's been floating around for a few years.

This guy has an interesting take on the recent financial crisis, and blames the spread from a modest problem with some bad mortgages (and how TARP definitely didn't help and things got substantially worse after it was put in place) to a near-collapse of the whole system on one specific, dangerous accounting rule that can result in momentary events flipping good debts bad and sticking the effects on the bad side when the momentary event passes.

OK, this one is a new bit in politics in any western country as far as I know:

Equality watchdogs are looking at whether Labour broke the law by offering discounted rally tickets to black and minority ethnic members.

So, yes, the British Labour Party, currently under the control of communist Jeremy Corbyn on a wave of recent memberships, has decided to charge white people more to attend a rally than non-white people.

General Discussion / packs it in
« on: December 02, 2017, 02:37:19 PM »
Apparently, video sharing service (which I've never bothered to check out) has decided to pack it in as of Dec. 15, due to not being able to figure out a way to start making money.

Here's a video from a YouTuber Shane doesn't much like on the subject:


Well, Stefan has gone and done one of his weird analyses of entertainment and decided Stranger Things is an allegory about uncontrolled immigration in the presence of a welfare state.

Does this actually mean anything beyond making a few hard-code statists no longer able to watch it because they won't be able to shake the idea that it contradicts their core theology?

Nominations for Biggest Bogon Emitter and Idiot Extraordinaire / BBE: CBS
« on: October 26, 2017, 04:36:28 PM »
CBS has intentionally implied that Myles Power is promoting the use of MMS as a cure-all, using deceptive editing of one of his videos warning of the dangers of MMS.

Is there really anything more that needs to be said about the Fake News Media?

The legal circus continues.

So, the guy who's camera was used to take the selfie in question has parted ways with P'E'TA Corp., and there is now a criminal case against him for trespassing on property owned by one of P'E'TA Corp.'s people.  Meanwhile, they keep trying to appeal the judge's ruling that, as a mater of law, there can be no copyright on the picture.  (Copyright law is pretty messed up in the US, and I've seen appellate courts overturn rulings based entirely on the straight law, as happened in SCO v. IBM when the non-creation of the statutorily required sales contract to transfer ownership of the UNIX sourcecode copyrights somehow didn't mean that they couldn't have transferred and a jury had to decide, which then proceeded to find as the law states that the copyrights did not transfer from Novell because the required specific transfer contract was never created, but come ON.)  This one really IS settled law:  Copyrights only exist on human-created works under the law in all relevant countries.  There was the whole business with the painting elephant to settle that one for good.

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