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General Discussion / Ring Species
« on: November 01, 2008, 11:51:39 AM »
Okay, so the ring species is a very strong evidence for evolution, I know that. I don't know where I saw a video about it, but it might have been from Cdk007, Don, Thunderf00t or Shane, don't remember. But I know what it is and I understand the shit.

But I wonder is. How come that hasn't applied to humans? I mean, now, I can understand, travel is very instant, doesn't take time at all to meet our own species at a very different part of the world.

But a couple of thousand years ago, that didn't exist. So, how can it still be possible for an African to mate with an American?

Now, I've been thinking of it, and what I can come up with that. There hasn't been enough time and/or humans moved very quickly from Africa through Asia to America. Am I right?

Another thing is that humans tend to adapt the environment to them instead of the other way around. (Natural Selection that is). I.e building tents, using fur from other animals to keep warm, making fires etc which makes the chance to live much higher so the chance of a new species to emerge would be smaller. Get what I'm saying?

So, Moving fast + fighting nature = No new species. Right? The only change must have been to those who wandered, like, how they survived the weather and climate. But with them moving fast, they stayed as Homo Sapiens.

How accurate am I? Or am I way off?

Oh and, I don't know how long it took for the Ensatina salamanders to evolve. Anyone knows?

Thankful for answers!


General Discussion / Weed! Pot! Whatever!
« on: October 31, 2008, 09:21:58 PM »
So, hi guys! I'm pretty new here, but I've watched all the episodes of Bogosity and some other vids by Shane (Love the cloud one ^^)

Anywho, to the topic.


I've never tried it, (and I won't say I never will) and I don't know anyone who has tried it, so I can't say I know first-hand about the effects of using weed (Wither it be smoking, drinking or eating). So, I want to know, is there anyone here that has actually used it? Or does any of you guys that has independent research about the effects? (Preferably from Europe or USA).

You see, from what I've seen, heard and read, it seems that cannabis isn't actually harmful. But might cause some cases of paranoia. Don't know how, but if anyone knows, please do tell. Statistics shows that Cannabis is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco.

But the reason I want to know is (This is prolly a tl;dr thing, so you don't have to read it)

//Start tl;dr//

I was at a meeting with politicians from my municipality along with many others. The topic was which age should be appropriate to purchase alcohol. It's 20 here now, from the stores that sell them and at bars/pubs it's 18. But the topic turned it to how kids get alcohol anyways and then went into how kids get drugs.

Apparently, kids from the age of 12 was spotted smoking weed at a train station just on the edge of my municipality. Personally, I think it probably isn't too good for them to smoke the shit, perhaps eat a brownie would be better. But still. They're 12 and want to be cool..

 They tried to come up with a solution, and failed. They didn't listen to my suggestion, which was legalization of weed/drugs in general. And when I suggested that;

Holy shit. I was actually accused for "liberal views". And how drugs are bad for you etc etc. Of course I know some drugs are bad for me, that's why I want it legalized? People don't get it, they really should see Shanes video about the War on Drugs. The policy is pretty much the same here in Sweden.

One person on the meeting had apparently worked with people having problems with drugs, and how they acted etc, and I know, some drugs are horrible for you.

But when I tried to explain that drugs such as Cannabis actually isn't harmful in a sense what alcohol does to you, they shut me up and closed their ears and said "Bullshit weed isn't addictive, bullshit it ain't harmful bla bla yackydiyackdy." And I can almost say that I know for a fact that Cannabis isn't addictive, since I've watched a lot of videos about that subject (Though, haven't seen the studies, would like to see some) and the people there that used weed wasn't addicted to it in a sense that we are addicted to tobacco or alcohol. Agreed, some might get addicted in the same way that people are addicted to, let's sat, ice-cream. It's just sooo good you must have it, get it?

//End tl;dr//

However, I want a clear answer now, IS Cannabis REALLY harmful or not? IS it REALLY addictive or not?
Why am I here? What is my purpose? Where did I come from?

Haha, too funny :D

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