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Re: Fav quotes
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It dawns on me: to revere a country's leader, is to make him an idol--to worship a man. Is this why so many people support Trump? that, in a strange way, men worship each other?

OK, wasn't my idea. It was the idea of the guy who did this:

Here we see the King of Morocco being greeted by his subjects (servants at court and the like). The person who uploaded the video brilliantly dubbed over a pre-Islamic chant, of the tribe of 'akk.

A similar dub--this time of Egyptians going around a picture of al-sisi...I'll leave you to figure out what this reminds me of:

 Here are the lyrics:

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"All you guys complaining about the possibility of guy on guy're also denying us girl on girl.  Works both ways if you know what I mean"

-Jesse Cox